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Skinny Minny Adjustable Waist Trainer™

Skinny Minny Adjustable Waist Trainer™

Skinny Minny Adjustable Waist Trainer™

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Create a Powerful, Lasting impression today.

This hourglass waist trainer corset from Waist Boss sculpts your tummy to perfectly accentuate your body's natural curves

"What will a Waist Trainer do for Me?"

  1. Take inches off your waist when you start wearing it with more over time.
  2. Flattens stomach to create a hourglass body shape.
  3. Makes dieting easier and simpler.
  4. Improves posture and core strength to help relieve back pain.
  5. Provides support for post-partum/post-surgery sagging skin


    The Skinny Minny has drawn wide acclaim for being so easy to integrate into the lives of users.

    Without harsh restriction to movement, you can wear this corset for longer periods of time with no discomfort, making this the ideal day to day piece everyone should have in their closet.



      Weightless           Breathable            Effortless

      Our seamless, sculpting trainer is a wardrobe essential for helping you easily achieve an ideal silhouette while at home or on the go.

      Designed from ultra-thin, high-tech spandex and nylon that’s soft to the touch and always undetectable under your clothes.



      Our seamless, subtle trainer is a wardrobe essential giving you that snatched feeling that makes all the difference.

      Start at the first row of hooks and tighten the corset as you see more and more progress with increased use. 



      With an increasingly sedentary lifestyle which revolves around sitting down most of the day, most of us have developed bad posture that follows us around after work. 

      Our waist trainers are designed to counteract this problem; take back control of your posture, core strength, and overall health. 



      Our size guide is located above in bold for you to find out which one is ideal for you.

      When in doubt, size up, as you can always tighten the waist trainer to a smaller size as you progress.


      *Note - 62% of users will see encouraging changes from the corset immediately; recommended usage is 4 hours a day for 8 weeks to see major results.

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